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Name:Iconic Butterfly
Location:Ohio, United States of America
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Community description:Icons by Noble Siofra

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Credit please. Comments are appreciated.
No Hot linking! Download these to YOUR computer.

Awards I've won.

• Most of my brushes come from Obsidian Dawn
• Other brushes/textures are from: [ profile] 100x100_brushes, [ profile] textures_r_us
• Be sure to check out my Deviant Art Brush Collection for even more brushes and textures I use.
• Icon tables by Icon Table Generator by [ profile] 77words
• All screen caps by [personal profile] noble_siofra unless mentioned otherwise.

Interests (131):

*nsync, 100x100, actors, adam, adam mitchell, agatha christie, alan rickman, aliens, alternate realities, animated icons, astrid peth, autons, bad wolf, baines, billie piper, british men, captain jack harkness, cassandra, cat people, catherine tate, charles dickens, chloe, chris kirkpatrick, christopher eccleston, classic who, clyde langer, cybermen, daleks, david tennant, david thewlis, davros, doctor who, doctor who icons, donna, donna noble, doomsday, dr.who, elisabeth sladen, fifth doctor, first doctor, fourth doctor, freema agyeman, gary oldman, gimp, graphics, gwen cooper, harry potter, hugh laurie, ianto jones, icon, icon challenges, icon making, icon requests, icons, icontests, jack harkness, jackie tyler, jake simmonds, jc chasez, jenny, joey fatone, john barrowman, john smith, jon pertwee, justin timberlake, k-9, lance bass, lucy saxon, luke smith, madame de pompadour, maria jackson, martha jones, mickey smith, midnight, mr saxon, mr. smith, new who, ninth doctor, noel clarke, nsync, owen harper, paint, patrick troughton, pete tyler, peter davison, professor yana, ralph fiennes, reapers, regeneration, remus lupin, rhys, rose tyler, sally sparrow, sarah jane, sarah jane adventures, sarah jane smith, satan, sci fi, sci-fi, second doctor, severus snape, shakespeare, sirius black, sonic screwdriver, still icons, stock, tardis, tenth doctor, the doctor, the face of boe, the host, the master, the ninth doctor, the ood, the tardis, the tenth doctor, the wire, third doctor, time lords, time war, tom baker, torchwood, torchwood icons, tosh, toshiko, toshiko sato, trish, unit, werewolves, wilfred mott, william hartnell
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